Featured on this page are a collection of exclusive private label Tiny Tonkas meticulously crafted throughout the years. Unfortunately, precise records regarding the quantity produced or the specific companies / organizations they were manufactured for remain hard to track down. What is certain, however, is their scarcity, rendering them among the most sought-after metal toys for enthusiasts and collectors alike. It is believed that the assortment presented here comprises a wide array of documented private labels toys. Should your toy not be featured, it is plausible that it is a not an original creation, as both children and individuals have been known to personalize their Tiny Tonkas with unique logos and designs.

Private label Taylor Mckenna

Taylor & McKenna Special

Manufactured in 1979 and sold in Canada. The name on the truck was a store found in the UK. Production was limited to only 2000 units. Finding one with the box is extremely rare.

Private Label Swanson

Swanson Special #1186

1978 special produced for Swanson #1186. Came in a brown corrugated mailer box.

Private Label Moorman

MoorMan’s Special #1198

1975 special for MoorMan’s feed, mainly in the Midwest. Was supplied in a standard brown box.

Private Label Detroit News

Detroit News 1st Gen

The first generation of the Detroit News van released in 1973 and the first known Private label. 2nd generation version featured below.

Private Label Armour

1980 Armour Special #1168

Tonka again used a basic #929 van truck and added ARMOUR decal.

Features graphics for BF Goodrich with the black cab.

GE Promotion Semi

1979 private label toy produced for GE . Sports a calendar on the trailer and was given way in a white box. Very rare and hard to find.

No. 580 Detroit News Van

2nd generation.

1981 Empire Store Canadian Special

Using the standard #929 van truck with the blue cab. Emblazen on the side with the Empire stores decal. New feature however was the hot-stamped tires.

No. 941 WTC Air Freight

Release year: 1970 features an all white body with black wheels with chrome rims

1980 Owatonna Tool Company special

Tonka used a basic #929 van truck and added the OTC decal both sides.

Cooper Jarett Semi

If anyone has any info on this toy I would welcome they drop me an email.

Minnesota Zoo Van

1978 MN Zoo Private Label Van. Used the 1978 #941 Custom Van Box for packaging