Decal Information

This page features a Tonka Identification Guide which will help you in determining the age of your collectible. Often you may find a Tiny Tonka Toy and you’re not sure of the year it was manufactured, all you have for reference is a logo decal. Even when you have one with a box sometimes it is hard to determine since the year of manufacture is missing off the box. Below are the various logo changes that are applicable to the Tiny Tonka Line from the early 1960’s to the early 80’s. This information is also applicable to the larger Tonka’s just in case you were wondering.


Tonka logos

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Considered the premier website on collectible Tonka Toys. You’ll find informative information covering many aspects of Tonka toys. A well organized site with history information to restoration tips with lots of photos..

Rick’s Toybox 
Have a need for a decal for a Tonka you are restoring, this is the place to stop. They even carry Tiny Tonka Oval Door Logos. This is the only place to get these logos for now.

A new site covering the Mighty Series of Tonka toys. These are the big boys of the Tonka collectible world in terms of size