Featured on this page are various trucks produced over the years. It’s not all inclusive of everything Tonka manufactured. It just reflects my personal taste in how I organized this site. If you have a vehicle to add please let me know via email.

#967 Truck Crane

1975-76. Produced in Japan and distributed in Canada.

#997 Van Truck

1975. Sold as an individual unit. Notice, no decal on the doors.

No. 947 Shell Tanker

1977 first release.

 #994 Scrap Ladle with red bar

1975 production. Never available as an individual unit. Was part of a tiny set.

# 922 Good Year Van Truck

Cannot find any reference to this in any of my reference material. Might be foreign.

#1148 Bell Trencher

1981 and available via mail order.

#922 Racing Fuel Truck

1978. Part of No. 1015 Goodyear racing set. Never sold individually.

# 946 Racer Transport

1977. A later version featured a different car.

No. 944 Backhoe

New for 1977.

No. 946 Racer Transport

New for 1977. Features a blue scream’n demon race car. Available for one year only with the graphic combination on the trailer.

No. 452 Draggin’ Wagon

Release year: 1970 featuring purple body with yellow running boards. Notice the exposed engine on the hood.

#903 Carnation Milk Tanker

New for 1978. Licensed logo from Carnation. Chrome tank

#947 Racing Fuel Tanker

Part of the #1015 Goodyear Racing set. Don’t think it was ever sold by itself.

#973 Community Set

Never sold individually, was part of the Community Set.

No. 595 Pumper (Red)

1968. One of the original tiny tonka released that year.

#922 Goodyear Van Truck

1978 production. Included 3 molded tires without hubs as cargo. Goodyear licensed logo.

#901 Utility Truck

1978. Only year produced in this color combination.

No. 527 Dump Stake

1971 year of release.

No. 902 Ryder Van Truck

1978. Only available this year.

No. 555 Wrecker

1968 first year of production.