On this page you will find the same style Tiny Tonka Vans and Pickups in various color schemes. The most interesting of these are the custom vans from the 1970’s. This is the only generation of these that featured the full color decals and the big chrome looking rims.

No. 904 Stake Van

1978. Only year this color combination was available.

#585 Ambulance

1978. Part of #830 fire department set from that year. Never sold individually.

No. 555 Wrecker

1978. Part of the Community Set #973.

No. 515 Pick-up

Release year: 1970 featuring a green body, black windshield with a white folded down top.

No. 434 Rat-A-Tat-Tat

Release year: 1970 features an all black body with grey wheels.