San Mauricio were a line of fake Tiny Tonka’s manufactured in Argentina. They were in violation of patents laws and had to cease making them. However, they are still unique and featured on this page is a collection of these toys. Visually, the major difference beside the graphics are the wheels are silver in some cases, and plastic in other cases. If you have any additional info on these please feel free to email me. I know nothing of these except what has been shared with me by a collector of them. They are very unique and extremely rare. Photos have been provided to me by an avid collector in Argentina. Do you have any Tonka Rico or Mini Sansón toys in your collection? Share photos and info by using the contact button at the top of the page.

San Mauricio Tractor and Trailer

If you have information on this and would like to share please drop me a note

San Mauricio Tanque Truck

Featured with an original box.

Mauricio Volcador con Mezcladora

Featured with the original box.

San Mauricio Playo Truck